The Goblins of Wyvern Mountain

The Goblins of Wyvern Mountain
An adventure play in three acts
Sir Reickart: A stalwart knight
Pennyclout: A Halfling rouge
Malachi: A wizard with an obsession with fire
Stag: A powerful hybrid of man and deer
Lydiala: A seductive bard who tells the tale
Arnoch: A simple farm boy in love with a bard
Lork: The goblin lord
Alk-Ole: A goblin with a change of heart
Pazzul: A demon lord
Various goblins and citizens (in the first act they play citizens and in the second and third acts they play goblins)

Written shortly after the events at Dragon Lake, based upon the actions of Vecca’s adventuring group, this magnificent play has expensive set pieces and is set to periodical pieces of music. The play follows a group of adventurers who seek out a conclave of cursed goblin raiders who hold a sinister secret – their pact with a minor demon who has promised them fell powers in return for sacrificing citizens upon an alter of moss, trees and other vegetation.

In the first act, Arnoch, a simple farm boy provides aid to the adventurers and subsequently falls in love with Lydiala who spurns his advances as her adventuring group needs her.

A minor leader of the goblins has a change of heart and realizes that this will bring down more trouble than its worth, providing clues to the adventuring party on how to defeat the goblin lord.

In a climatic battle, one of the adventurers is gravely wounded (Sir Reickart) but they prevail, sending the horrible demon back to the depths.

Stag is intended to be a mysterious and sympathetic character, as an allegory for Hoo, hoping to raise awareness that men who are hybrids can be heroes and can be trusted.

The Goblins of Wyvern Mountain

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