Day of Fire

Day of Fire
A comedy in five acts

Jalek: An arrogant mage
Captain Molleon: A former sea captain and now hedonistic merchant and underwriter
Dreek: A poor fisherman, loyal to the Imperial cause
Seshay : Molleon’s greedy daughter
Xuri: A sexy harlot
Satch: An incompetent henchman
Lonigan: A Town watchman
Assley: A prostitute
Buxa: A prostitute
Hardman: A bartender
Riftwick: A wealthy patron of the brothel

Jalek, a mage who has taken over a bawdy tavern and house of ill repute located on the docks of an Imperial city on the sea, finds that the financial losses are crippling. While the tavern, The House of Tarts, is quite popular, it is his own ineptitude that is causing financial ruin. His only chance of regaining his losses is to hope the place is destroyed in order to collect the money that Captain Molleon has insured the place for – an act he is willing to have done. The play actually begins with Dreek, a loyal Imperial fisherman being tossed out of the brothel by Jalek as he doesn’t have enough money.

Jalek solicits Captain Molleon’s daughter, the ravishing Seshay, to assist him in his scheme to burn down The House of Tarts, due to her willingness to get back at her father and split the insurance money. However, Seshay has her own agenda as she is aware from her harlot friend, Xuri, who works at the brothel, that there is an amazing hoard of treasure in a hidden room in the basement but locked by a magical seal. Xuri and Seshay plan to break the magical seal, steal the treasure and have the brothel burn down, making them both rich.

Jalek trusts his henchman, Satch, to gather the magical components used to create an all consuming fire but when Satch gathers the right pieces at a discount rate, he decides to spend the remainder on drink at the Dark Horse Inn and manages to discuss the plan with a friend and he is overheard by the zealous town watchman, Lonigan. Lonigan decides that such crimes will not stand.

On the very day that conspiracy of Jalek, Satch, and Seshay plan to burn the place down, Lonigan arrives to spy on Jalek to see if he does anything wrong, bringing Captain Molleon with him as a witness. Jalek, nervous that Lonigan may know something tries to distract him by using Xuri to seduce him, utterly failing due to Seshay calling her away to help with the breaking of the basement seal. Seshay is slowed down due to hiding from her father who does not want him to know she has anything to do with a brothel. Unbeknownst to the his partners, Jalek decides to quickly set off the magic which burn the House of Tarts to the ground.

The components that Satch gathered were not exactly what was required to cast the burning spell (this is why he had the money left over for his drinking binge). The spell does not go off as planned, but instead does break the seal on the hidden magic door, providing a glimpse at the riches within. However, the explosion does rock the foundation of the brothel, weakening its structural integrity and causes the house to collapse into the ocean, resulting in massive flooding, including sweeping the treasures out to sea.

At the end of the mess, the conspirators are left with nothing and Jalek cannot even make a claim with Captain Molleon since Lonigan has enough evidence that he was trying to burn down the brothel as it would lead to arrests of the members of the conspiracy.
The play ends with Dreek in his boat, finding the treasure that had been swept out to sea.

Day of Fire

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