Prickly Pete

A vicious criminal and rogue of the highest order.


‘Prickly Pete’ is the nickname of Peter Sharps, a former paramour of Vecca Vex when they both worked in the Grand Carnival. Pete’s affections turned dark as he and his gang of Bully Boys became more and more ruthless, engaging in criminal acts in the towns they visited. Eventually when in a drunken stupor he attempted to take more from Vecca than she was willing to give, a struggle ensued where she stuck a dagger in his eye and almost removed his manhood before the two were separated. This, effectively, ended their relationship and prompted Vecca to leave the Grand Carnival and settle in Crooklake. Until the carnival was able to reach Crooklake, the two got into constant fights and arguments, often coming to shouting matches, where Vecca had seen him for the crass bully he truly was and Pete, obviously enraged over the damage she had caused him, continued to hold a grudge over the loss of his eye. Using some of the thugs in the Bully Boys, Prickly Pete waged a war of intimidation against Vecca, with Jollo, the sinister jester Jollo,, being one of his more effective weapons.

It was until until two years later that Pete resurfaced in Vecca’s life in the employ of Master Pim and the Crystal Sky Troupe as a valued member of the organization. Whereas he was genteel and inviting, trying to put past incidents behind them, Vecca was much less in a forgiving mood and threw is advances to the side. It was clear Vecca wanted nothing to do with him and even began to retink her relationship with Master Pim as she reasoned that he was not the person she thought he was if he would knowingly associate with a thug like Prickly Pete.

It is unclear the motives he and Master Pim have but Vecca is less than trusting of the pair. The fact that Prickly Pete still has his gang of underlings still with him is no comfort to Vecca.

Prickly Pete

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