Lady Anjelike Firebaugh

The last headmistress of Mt. Sin


Lady Anjelike Firebaugh was the final headmistress of Mt Sin before it fell to human forces. It was said that her powerful pair of diadems were the sources of protection for Mt. Sin and when a thief in the employ of the humans was able to steal one of them, the academy was ready to fall. However, it was not without great loss to the human soldiers that invaded. It is said that prior to Lady Firebaugh retreating into a state of suspended animation that she was able to use her powerful magic to destroy the invading forces, repelling them and putting a curse on all humans who entered Mt. Sin’s hallowed chambers.

As told in the book, The Curse of the Valarians Upon Mankind, Lady Firebaugh may well still watch over Mt. Sin, reserving her anger and fury for those humans foolish enough to entreat upon the secrets that Mt. Sin still holds. Perhaps what is the most sacred and important of artifacts in the academy may be Lady Firebaugh’s remaining diadem.

The diadem which was in the possession of the Duke of CrookLake was recently stolen by unknown parties but was blamed on Thoven Shadowhand. Thoven and the rest of the adventuring party decided to mount an expedition in an effort to find the matching diadem in Mt Sin.

Lady Anjelike Firebaugh

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