An enemy of Faris


Brahm worked in the short-lived pit fighter battles sponsored by the Grand Carnival where me met Vecca Vex, the apprentice to Madam Ava. Vecca was attracted to Brahm for his looks and his generally positive attitude, as well as his generosity with his time and coin. The two were very close and Vecca was especially impressed with his kindness towards not only her but Ghost, and later Sushalla.

However, when the Grand Carnival began to realize that the pit fighting circuit they had crated was far too violent for the atmosphere they wished to present, Brahm began to look for other work. Truthfully, Brahm was part of the problem when it came to the brutal fighting as he was one of the more savage fighters they employed. While certainly strong enough to take on a role as the carnival strong man, he simply did not have the charisma or personality to entertain.

It was not long before Brahm decided he would be better making his fortune as a sell-sword or bodyguard for a caravan. Whereas it was a sad day when he left, he knew he would not be able to give Vecca the life he would have liked and worse yet, with her rising star, she was attaining more fame and fortune than he. Brahm hated leaving Vecca behind as he knew that Prickly Pete had desires on her and Prickly Pete was someone Brahm despised as he was able to see through the would-be ladies’ man and con artist.

Brahm’s first job subsequent to the Grand Carnival was with Graxius d’Elphonse, a sorcerer of a dubious nature. Graxius hired Brahm on as muscle for his adventuring company, The Steel Thorn. Whereas initially, Brahm was blind to some of the more sinister motives behind Graxius and his Steel Thorn, this was due to his adoration of Graxius’ daughter, Zeffra, a beautiful and exotic sorceress in her own right.

After falling in love with Zeffra, she informed Brahm of some of her father’s true intentions, as well as her mother’s own sinister nature as a witch who had forged an unholy pact with mysterious entities from another plane. Graxius was a sinister agent of demonic forces but his wife, Zeffra’s mother, Bryden, was the true power behind The Steel Thorn. Brahm’s love and loyalty had awakened something in Zeffra that made her want to become a better person and put her family’s sinister past behind her. So the two fled in the dark of night and found their way to Wellmet, a town on the border of Faris. This was, obviously, unacceptable to Graxius and his wife, Bryden. After Brahm and Zeffra had fled, Graxius dispatched his son, Offrick, a ruthless hunter, after them, with orders to slay Brahm and bring back Zeffra, kicking and screaming if need be.

Brahm and Zeffra were able to evade Offrick while hiding out in Wellmet, maintaining a low profile as a lowly laboring couple. They had a simple life but it was joyous as they were with each other, made even more joyous with the birth of their son, Averen.

Unfortunately, their joy was short lived when agents of Faris caught Zeffra and Averen trying to cross over into Faris for some unknown reason. Word returned to Brahm that the pair had been slain and their bodies burnt to ash, leaving Brahm with a painful hole where his family had once been. With nothing to even bury them, he simply erected a pair of small monuments to them behind his home, hoping the old gods of his father would have mercy on them in the afterlife. But after his grieving had ended, he vowed a vengeance most dire on the sons of Faris for their murder of his family. He began and secret war, slaying their troops and scouts when the opportunity arose.

Six weeks after the lose of his family, a mysterious group came through Wellmet, a group that included his old girlfriend, Vecca Vex. As it turned out Vecca and the rest of her allies were headed into Faris on some mission to rescue Koo, the betrothed of Hoo, a member of the group. It took little persuasion for Vecca to convince Brahm to accompany them into Faris where Brahm’s lust for Faris blood could again be sated.


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