Zanaven Arroway

A loveable scoundrel and smuggler.


One of the sons of the once powerful Arroway family, their noble line has fallen on hard times in recent generations. Turning to the life of merchants, the Arroways founded the Jade Covenant Trading House and transport goods from city to city. Zanaven, always in love of adventure, accompanies some of the more precious shipments. What few know is that he also acts as a smuggler, moving goods through territories without paying taxes and often bringing items frowned upon by the local authorities.

He is an old friend of Vecca Vex’s and they have a long standing tradition of always presenting one another with unique gifts when they see each other as way of showing mutual adoration and respect.

Initially, Zanaven was approached by Vecca to determine whether or not they could smuggle the adventuring party into Faris to investigate whether Content Not Found: coo, Hoo’s girlfriend, was present somewhere. Whereas Zanaven and his associates were unable to smuggle the group into Faris, they did provide some useful information, namely that the leadership in Faris, may have had Koo in some kind of menagerie.

Some of Zanaven’s known associates are:

Jimmie In and Out, a second story man
Jax, a powerful beastman
Telma, a mysterious human woman
Craeger, a foul dwarf
Hobart, an even more foul halfling

Zanaven Arroway

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