A sneaky cutpurse wanted for crimes in every community


Verragon is one of the Bully Boys more notorious members. Considered Prickly Pete‘s second-in-command, Verragon is typically the one who comes up with the schemes, plans the crimes and covers all the possible exit routes. Verragon’s expertise is as a second story man but has mastered pickpocketing, sleight of hand and a variety of other criminal tricks. But he is not nearly as charismatic or charming as Prickly Pete, resulting in him often being picked up by the authorities for questioning. With Crooklake being one of the last places he could get into as his record was increasingly difficult to dodge, it was an obvious move for him to abandon the Grand Carnival and move with the rest of the gang to the big city.

He is a man of few words, allowing his skill with a dagger do most of his talking. His loyalty to Prickly Pete is fierce, as is his temper. Verragon and Vecca Vex never got along and the relationship is even more strained now that the Bully Boys have arrived in Crooklake.


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