Uniir, Frost Giant King

A powerful frost giant king who was grumpy when waking.


Uniir was first encountered when the adventuring party was traveling toward Terminus. En route, several days outside of Karth, many villages and settlements were experiencing nasty snowstorms which were far from the norm. Vecca Vex told a legend of a frost giant who may have been imprisoned by a lover many years ago, a water nymph named Sushalla. According to the stories Vecca had heard this could be the resting place of Uniir, the frost giant king, who was bewitched by Sushalla.

Legend spoke that the two were lustful lovers who had a falling out, for reasons not exactly clear. The water nymph, being a jealous and spiteful being in the maters of love, put a spell on him that caused him to peacefully sleep in a grove she had prepared. But his dreams may have been causing the strange weather. Something had to be done to get him to stop or the surrounding communities would be destroyed.

Finding the grove, the party did, indeed, find the slumbering giant. Great debate was had whether to simply kill him or awaken him and deal with the consequences. A significant part of this debate centered on the odds of stealing objects from the giant without awakening him. The plan was hatched where Vecca would dress as Sushalla, someone she revealed she knew, and see if they could trick him into staying calm. Surprisingly, for the most part this worked. But Uniir was grumpy and not in the mood to do much talking, deciding he had to return to his family in the north. Fortunately, the crisis was averted as Uniir left the area and the strange weather returned to normal. It was presumed that Uniir went back to his family to the far north, but his violent and expansionist disposition likely means he will wage war on the southern lands of man again in the near future.

Uniir, Frost Giant King

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