Uncle Dragoleone

An eccentric but brilliant sage.


Dragoleone is Vecca Vex’s uncle and godfather, living in Dragonspire, specifically, the Moonspire Tower. His odd experiments and unusual habits keep it at arm’s lengths from the citizens of Dragonspire who rightly see him as a ‘kook.’

He has lived in Moonspire Tower for decades, selling his services as a sage to those in Dragonspire and others who come to seek out his knowledge. He has always been fond of Vecca and has kept correspondence with her, keeping up her spirits while she was in the Grand Carnival.

In truth, he is a kind and gentle man who has always doted on his niece but becomes so consumed in his research, he lets the little things in life, such as cleaning and eating, fall to the wayside. His extensive library and curiosities he keeps in Moonspire tower is legendary, including his trusty dog, Arffy, which since passing away was stuffed and mounted.

For a time he was thought dead. When the adventuring party was en route to Terminus, they stopped for his advice on a variety of topics, most important being ‘The Black Spot’ crisis that befell them. While they were there, he was assaulted by one of the three armed creatures the group had been dealing with. Uncle Dragleone was, tragically, killed in the process. Vecca was beside herself with grief.

It was not until after the events of the Reality Travels that he was brought back to life, with few remembering he had even been killed.

Uncle Dragoleone

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