A sensual nymph.


Sushalla is an ally that Vecca Vex has known for a few years. Meeting while Vecca was in the traveling carnival, they established a relationship – both of friendship and of romance. Currently, Sushalla acts as Vecca’s assistant in her stage performances and performs as an actress in many of her plays.

When Vecca and Sushalla first met while in the Grand Carnival, Vecca had no idea about Sushalla’s origins, thinking she was merely a curious and alluring peasant girl. It was not until they became closer to Sushalla reveal herself as a creature of myth; a nymph. Sushalla’s honesty and openness impressed upon Vecca to do the same, further concreting their relationship. Sushalla told many tales of wonder and excitement of her travels, one of them being the tale of her former lover, Uniir, a frost giant king, who was now imprisoned to the west, sleeping until Sushalla figured out what to do with him.

They had been separated for several years until a chance meeting brought them back together. As the adventuring party sought out the mysterious city of Terminus, the group discovered a lair with a sleeping frost giant king, placed under a magical enchantment. The clues that were uncovered in his chamber indicated that a water nymph had placed him under the enchantment over some angered slight between them that had occurred during a romantic entanglement. It was further discovered that it was Sushalla that had placed him under this spell.

As events transpired, Susualla and Vecca made contact again while in Terminus. It was a cold meeting, initially, as Sushalla was now an agent of Shax, the demonic entity that was seeking to unmake everything in the universe. Sushalla attempted to convince Vecca that allying with Shax was the best plan as well as to become one of Shax’s many brides, a fate Vecca chose not to accept, instead fighting against his mad schemes to unmake the world. After the adventuring party defeated Shax, Vecca and Sushalla were able to reconnect in earnest, their friendship picking up where they left off.

Currently, they can be found in each others’ company, adventuring together. Their close relationship has evolved into a deep one where Sushalla has become Vecca’s muse. Vecca often spends hours talking to Sushalla, writing poems about her and sketching her picture.

Despite being a water nymph, Sushalla has truly taken to the estate that Vecca has partial ownership of in Chateau.


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