Space Thoven

An ornery little bastard in space.


Space Thoven is a mythical creature that has only been spoken about in hushed whispers as merely speaking his name may cause him to appear. According to legend he is a space thief who steals for the sake of stealing and goes into a blind, bellowing rage when people accuse him of the obvious crimes and faux pas he has committed.

Space Thoven may be related to Fantasy T’urd in some extended way. Ever since the shift in reality that the lands experienced, strange things transpired that could have brought Space Thoven into being. If Space Thoven and Fantasy T’urd were able to enter through the void and appear, this would be a dangerous thing that could bring life as we know it to an end. And if Space Thoven and Fantasy T’urd were to ever cross paths, the fallout may never be properly repaired.

Generally, Space Thoven serves as Fantasy T’urd’s minion, mostly performing such duties as scoring premium Space Meth, disposing of dead hookers and washing the spluge stains off the ceiling.

Space Thoven may or may not be related to regular Thoven. But Space Thoven is certainly a dick.

Despite the fact that the word ‘parody’ is in big capital letters, scholars theorize that ‘Thoven’ may be the parody of ‘Space Thoven.’

It is unknown whether or not the rumors of ‘Space Hoo’ have any merit but if there are, one can only conclude that he would be associated with Space Thoven.

Space Thoven

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