A sorceress with an angry business partner


Simone is the part owner of Books & Balms, a small store in the town of Chateau that she runs with her partner, friend and roommate, Hela. Simone’s bubbly and friendly nature is a start contrast with Hela’s surly and decidedly less approachable nature.

Both women, former adventures and pracitioners of the arcane arts consult with patrons on subjects arcane and sell potions, scrolls and sometimes deal in small magic items. Neither woman speaks of their adventuring past, resulting in rampant speculation from the citizens. Some even connect Hela with working on dark arts and necromancy, an accusation Hela flatly avoids.

While Hela is often off with her boyfriend, Lt, Jenner, Simone spends time drinking, partying and finding the next fun distraction. Otherwise the cheery woman can be found in the presence of her best friend, avoiding insults and items thrown in her direction.

When dealing with business matters, it is typically Simone who does most of the talking, handing off projects to Hela who would prefer not to deal with or even talk to customers.


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