Professor Emile Darklon

An expensive sage who is often difficult to deal with.


Professor Emile Darklon is Chateau’s premier sage. Whereas Hela and Simone are much easier on the eyes, Professor Darklon comes with far less drama. However, Prof Darklon seems to be moody, mysterious and enigmatic, speaking in riddles and disappearing for days at a time conducting research in the deep archives beneath the city.

Hoo has made constant use of Darklon’s services in a variety of investigations.

Darklon is the foremost authority on the mysterious statutes throughout Chateau. He has written several treatises on the subject and has been sought after from miles away to offer an opinion on the statues.

Prof. Darklon is a widely respected authority in Chateau, often acting as a consultant with the Duke and other individuals who need insight into whatever research they are conducting.

Professor Emile Darklon

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