A brutal thug in the employ of Prickly Pete


When Prickly Pete needed muscle for his capers and crimes, it was always soft-headed but loyal Philos whom he would call upon for the task. Philos has a miniscule vocabulary but certainly makes up for it by the sheer power he wields as well as his brutal way of settling arguments. He is definitely the most formidable member of the Bully Boys.

Philos comes from Vendi stock, making him no stranger to being an outcast and living on the fringe of society. When the Grand Carnival and Prickly Pete gave him a sense of belonging, it was not surprising that he readily accepted his fate as a follower.

Once Prickly Pete took his gang into Crooklake, Philos gladly went along as there were obviously more scams and shakedown operations to conduct. Of course, Philos merely does what he is told, giving Prickly Pete a great amount of leverage in negotiations.


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