Orbin DuClaude

The enigmatic owner of the Velvet Corset


Orbin DuClaude has been the owner and operator of the Velvet Corset for over twenty years. This peculiar man is said to be a wizard, have made pacts with demons and has played friendly games of chance with angels. His motives, while often obscure, always seem to come with the utmost friendliness.

He purchased the infamous establishment from the previous owner, Pervis Pertly, a dwarven engineer with a weakness for human women and elven wine. Shortly after the sale Pervis went missing, never to be seen again.

It was Orbin that gave Vecca Vex her job as the house stage magician at the Velvet Corset and eventually allowed her to start producing plays. Orbin has been very pleased with her talent and skill but less pleased with her constant adventuring excursions. The Velvet Corset has truly benefited from Vecca’s talents as an actress, singer, stage magician and playwright, and thus Orbin has come to rely on the income she brings in from her many fans who are drawn by her charm and charisma.

Orbin has formed a relationship with Master Pim, putting on many of his plays and the productions that his troupe produces. This has caused some stress on the relationship between Vecca and Orbin as Vecca has grown to greatly distrust the theatrical Master Pim.

Orbin’s nephew, Morgan DuClaude is employed at the Velvet Corset and it is widely thought that he will some day take over the establishment when the elder DuClaude is unable to continue as master of ceremonies.

The Velvet Corset offers many pleasures for guests and is the finest establishment of its kind on CrookLake. Food, drinks, gambling and floor shows all offer some of the more normal pleasures but there are others to be found, as well, including some of the consort girls who can be purchased for the evening.


Sections of the establishment also cater to more high end clients which offers a higher class of food, drink and women. Consequently, Orbin has certainly become one of the more wealthy men in CrookLake, getting rich off the sins of his neighbors.

Orbin DuClaude

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