An old woman who may or may not exist and run a crime family.


Nana is a woman who Thoven Shadowhand claims to exist. From what can be pieced together, Thoven Shadowhand may have worked with/lived with an older woman known only as ‘Nana’ for several years. The ill effects of Thoven Shadowhand‘s interaction with Nana are clear. Thoven Shadowhand seems particularly distressed at the sight of gingerbread cookies, which possibly have been drugged by Nana at one point. Even the sound of an old woman’s voice can send Thoven Shadowhand into hysterics.

It is also accurate to say that members of Thoven’s adventuring party once mocked him for this individual, whose existence was doubted as there never seemed to be much proof and his hesitation to speak of her. Further, Hoo even suggested that the whole thing was just ‘Nanapalooza.’ However, events would transpire to make Thoven’s allies rethink this position.

Despite the sketchy existence of Nana, there are certainly some clues that she exists or at least someone is acting in her name. There are agents that seem to work for her which have attacked Thoven and his party, as well as arcane attacks she has made.

It remains to be seen what he role is in Thoven’s life subsequent to the reality altering events of the city of Terminus. There is some reason to believe that the old woman whose thugs accosted Anonda in Northport was Nana, and that she too is aware of the shift in the time stream.

Some theorize that the strange illness that has overtaken Thoven’s father, the mayor of Greenacre, is the direct result of Nana’s sinister and necromantic magic. This has been investigated but due to Nana’s slippery nature, nothing has been proven and Nana continues to operate behind the scenes – assuming she even exists.

Regardless, whereas Nana’s existence may be in doubt, agents who work in her name are certainly not.


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