Morgan DuClaude

The nephew of Orbin DuClaude and the Velvet Corset's bartender.


Morgan DuClaude has been in the employ of the Velvet Corset ever since he could walk. When he was just an infant, his parents died in a house fire, trying to save him, he went to live with his uncle, Orbin, in Crooklake. Mostly raised by Orbin’s wife, at the time, Magel, he started taking coats, sweeping floors, running errands and bringing up crates of ale from the basement. As he took an interest in the business, Orbin eventually began to trust him with more important duties, such as protection for the girls who worked there and eventually serving up drinks. (His specialty is the ‘Screamin’ Yellow Deep Gnome.’)

Morgan is friendly but also knows that friends are friends and business is business. The tips he offers either come at a price or at some return of a favor.

Morgan sees and hears a lot at the Velvet Corset and has often been used by Thoven Shadowhand and Vecca Vex as a reliable source of information. He once commented that Vecca’s breasts were like ‘melons from Greenacre.’

Morgan hopes to some day take over the Velvet Corset, but based upon his uncle Orbin’s health, that may be many years away.

Morgan DuClaude

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