Master Pim

The Master of Ceremonies of Crystal Sky Troupe


Based out of CrookLake, Master Pim is the owner and operator of the Crystal Sky Troupe which puts on plays and other entertainment. For years, Master Pim was a traveler as his group went from town to town but recently he and his organization has settled in CrookLake to entertain those in the ‘big city.’

While once a close associate of Vecca Vex, a rift occurred between the two when Master Pim revealed he was more of a ruthless businessman than a true mentor or friend. His employment of Vecca’s ex-boyfriend, Prickly Pete was the first of several affronts, the second being the unauthorized use of several of Vecca’s plays.

Currently, Vecca and Master Pim have an icy relationship at best. His closeness with Prickly Pete hints at something far more sinister. Master Pim’s dubious business relationships leave much to be desired. He works out of Crooklake and organizes plays, parties and other entertainment events.

Master Pim

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