A wealthy and mysterious halfling female.


Magdelene first showed up at the Velvert Corset to have an enjoyable evening with her friend, Naomi. But what she found was Thoven Shadowhand. Under most circumstances, this would a situation that most would find extremely unlucky, but this was a far different – and some would say surprising – in that she seemed to truly be taken by the rapscallion.

Magdalena showed herself to be cultured, polite and well-mannered, leading some to conclude that she was ‘up to something’ or ‘insane’ for taking an interest in Thoven. Of course, the same night she appeared did happen to be the same night that Gerald appeared, with far more sinister designs on Vecca Vex.

She has appeared a small number of times at the Velvet Corset, always looking for Thoven, with seemingly romantic interests. Her true motives could be pure but it does remain to be seen. Thoven has not ruled out the possibility that she is in some way associated with or linked to Nana.

Magdalene is one of the Azure Knights, a large and loosely organized mercenary company. She seems to have some sway in the organization.


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