Madam Ava

A old fortune teller of the Grand Carnival


Madam Ava had been with the Grand Carnival for as long as anyone could remember. It is said that she was once ravishing and beautiful but as the years trudged on, she gave up the cliche of the beautiful and alluring soothsayer to that of the old and mysterious speaker of secrets.

For years she went on with no assistant or understudy, that is until Vecca Vex came along. There must have been something she saw in Vecca, or at the very least needed someone to fetch her dinner and draw in the rubes. Nevertheless, the two eventually became close with Madam Ava sharing all of her secrets with Vecca and giving her a variety of trinkets and items. Whereas there were many secrets Madam Ava shared, there were also many that were left untold before her untimely death.

One of the facets of her life that she managed to reveal to Vecca before she died was that she used to write unusual and haunting plays prior to her death. She used the pen name ‘Mobian’ as to conceal her true identity. Over the years, Vecca has seen just how far Mobian’s plays have traveled and how popular they remain in certain circles. Of course, Vecca has also come to realize that there may have been hidden messages imbedded deep within the plays.

It was Madam Ava’s death that finally pushed Vecca out of the Grand Carnival. Since Vecca blamed Prickly Pete and the Bully Boys for the tragedy that transpired, there was no reason for Vecca to stay.

Currently, Vecca honors Madam Ava’s memory by keeping the old woman’s scarf on her at all times and using her rusted old pot to brew a particularly potent potion.

Madam Ava

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