A sinister jester from the Grand Carnival


Jollo is one of the loyal members of Prickly Pete‘s Bully Boys. He is a dangerous opponent who enjoys physical intimidation and inflicting pain on others. Rarely seen without his makeup, he vacillates between being the butt of the gang’s jokes and lashing out against them with violence.

While in the Grand Carnival, Jollo would spend his days scaring children and other attendees often crossing the line between fun and cruelty, bullying people and secretly pointing out easy marks to Prickly Pete and the rest of the gang.

While Prickly Pete was involved with Vecca Vex, Jollo took an unhealthy interest in Vecca’s familiar, Ghost. Constantly threatening the small fox eventually led to Ghost lashing out and biting Jollo. This lead to Jollo threatening to skin the creature alive, unaware of Ghost’s mystical nature.

After Prickly Pete and Vecca violently ended their relationship, it was Jollo who made the first threats against Vecca, and later her friend, Hoo. Taking matters too far, Jollo cornered Vecca one night and whereas it was unclear what exactly the evil clown had in store for her, he withdrew when Sushalla arrived, shooing him away.

Now that Prickly Pete and the rest of the Bully Boys have shown up in CrookLake working with Master Pim, Jollo has found work around town and sometimes performing acts at the Velevet Corset, but his dark antics are not for the weak of heart as he regularly includes the death small animals in his acts, something he seems to truly enjoy. Jollo is depraved and sinister and there is no act of depravity he is incapable of. All in all he is a nasty character, indeed.


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