Jimmie In and Out

A ruthless second story man.


Jimmie In and Out, so named for both his ability to get in and out of everything as well as his prowess with the ladies, is a shady miscreant who has been with Zanaven Arroway for years, as they are long standing friends. Some say it is this pair that is responsible for the great Silver Wheel heist from three years ago others they say they agents of the kingdom smuggling things and people in and out of Faris, while still others claim both are true. Either way, their friendship is one of deep admiration and respect as would be expected after years of working together. Jimmie is Zanaven’s trusted number two man in the Jade Covenant Trading House

Jimmie is not a huge fan of anything that comes between he and Zanaven as he values their solid friendship. As a result, he is naturally suspicious of how much time he and Vecca Vex spend together, feeling threatened by the bard’s charisma and charm. As Vecca sees so little of Zanaven they do spend a lot of time catching up, but as of yet there has been no reason for him to be concerned.

Whereas Zanaven keeps himself surrounded by a cadre of followers and henchmen, it is Jimmie who he truly trusts. Jimmie has proven time and time again that he is capable of amazing feats of subterfuge, cunning and getting into places he most certainly should not.

Jimmie In and Out

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