The Seneschal of Moonspire


An aspiring actress from Crooklake, Jenveieve was an understudy to some of the actresses in Vecca Vex’s plays. Vecca inheirited property in Dragonspire and Vecca asked Genevieve to some and act as the seneschal of the property and in return would be one of the most acclaimed actresses in the small town. Moonspire, the tower where Jenveieve oversees is filled with strange curiosities and ancient tomes, all supporting Vecca’s uncle, Dragoleone and his research into the arcane, bizarre and mystical.

When reality was shifted and Uncle Dragoleone was returned to life, Jenveieve remained as the seneschal, helping Dragoleone with managing the property. Her management skills are proving to be well suited for running a household.

Vecca puts a tremendous amount of trust in Jenveieve and their friendship is what Vecca relies upon to ensure that Moonspire and Uncle Dragoleone are well taken care of. Vecca trusts her kindness and judgment.


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