Jenner Carn

The Commander of the Watch in Chateau


Lt. Jenner Carn oversees the watch in the exclusive city of Chateau, across from Crooklake. Jenner’s duties are made more difficult due to the sheer amount of wealthy and influential citizens who reside there, including Duke Francoise.

It is widely known that Lt. Jenner is romantically linked to Hela, a shop owner who runs Books & Balms, a small shop in Merchant Plaza, along with her partner and friend, Simone. As if Jenner’s life was not already stressful enough, dealing with the endless antics of Hela and Simone truly complicates his day. He finds he is constantly stopping by their shop to break up fights between the two, wondering how he ever got into these situations.

Lt. Jenner is friendly but often worn out dealing with the squabbles of the citizens and the numerous pressures constantly mounting atop him. But he is a good man who does what is right and always tries to interpret the law to be fair and just to the citizens. He turns a blind eye to many of the minor activities of the underclasses, knowing how difficult it is to live in Chateau without having money. When the underclasses get a little out of hand, he sees to it nobody gets hurt and everyone gets home safely.

He does seem somewhat oblivious that Vecca Vex has an interest in him.

Jenner Carn

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