High Bargle

A religious icon to the Valarians


The High Bargle, formerly known by the simple name of ‘Argle Bargle,’ was the highest religious figure in the Valarian empire under the ‘old faith.’ The High Bargle was a member of House Bargle which, in the Valarian custom of the time, was dedicated to the religious instruction and study of the Valarian pantheon.

While very little survives of the old Valarian pantheon, it seems to revolve around a deity known as ‘Arioch’ and his consort/lover/enemy, ‘Xiombarg.’ Beyond these few details, House Bargle was unable to pass down more details as the faith changed radically shortly after the event known as the ‘Reality War.’

The High Bargle was spotted leading his people in devoted faith during the Siege of Terminus by the forces of Shax the Unmaker. A proud man, he seemed to accept the assistance of the adventuring party with mixed feelings. On one hand, he seemed to appreciate any aid that his besieged city could get but on the other hand, the attitude, strange behavior and shifting morality of the group, combined with the fact that they were mostly outsiders, caused him great grief.

In particular, Thoven Shadowhand provided some of the most grief for the High Bargle who referred to Thoven as a ‘filthy subhuman.’ While not untrue, the High Bargle’s attitude was not one easily taken by the adventuring party. The High Bargle seemed to be a little more at ease with Vecca Vex who he recognized as a fellow Valarian but her casual attitude and fits of strange references to future events again tried his patience.

At one point, the adventuring party heard him make reference to an Eliese Firebaugh, who was apparently his niece, being a possible relation to the future figure in Valarian history, Lady Firebaugh. The reference, while seemingly unimportant at the time, later seemed far more important.

The High Bargle may have been one of the last religious powers of the Valarian people to pay tribute to the ‘old gods’ as shortly after the Reality War, the Valarians began an elaborate form of ancestor worship, focusing on King Burselon. It is unknown what happened to House Bargle after this there are few records of the Bargles after the Reality War.

High Bargle

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