A sorceress who may or may not practice the dark arts


Hela moved to Chateau a couple of years ago with her former adventuring partner, Simone. Their careers as adventurers are not things they share very easily, leading some to conclude that something terrible must have happened or that there was some dark secret that they are keeping. Others simply assume the pair were simply not very good at adventuring.

Settling into the posh lifestyle that those in Chateau are accustomed to, the two ladies opened Books & Balms, a small shop that caters to those needing potions, scrolls, other small spells cast in their favor and the occasional item swap. Hela, being the less personable of the two, allows Simone to work out front with customers while she, Hela, continues her studies in the basement, working on consulting projects. Rumors persist that Hela works on things best left unspoken but that could be due to her decidedly unfriendly disposition. Nobody has officially accused Hela of necromancy but that is likely due to the fact that she is romantically linked to a well-loved law man.

Hela is currently involved with Lt. Jenner, the leader of the City Watch. They certainly seem like an unlikely pair with Jenner being friendly, warm and kind, but with Hela being unpleasant, cruel and often times somewhat frightening in the way she acts. But Jenner may be trying to steer here in the right direction. However, Hela is extremely jealous and territorial of any woman who comes near Jenner and she has been known to threaten or promise violence to any woman she thinks has designs on him.

The relationship Hela has with Simone is unusual. Hela is often found screaming and yelling at her partner, accusing her of all manner of laziness and foolishness and even chasing her around the store with a weapon on more than one occasion. But this is all forgotten when they are also seen in each others’ company almost daily, shopping together, eating together, drinking heavily together and taking walks together.

Whether or not Hela and Lt. Jenner will be married, remains to be seen. Lt. Jenner could either be getting cold feet with the thought of commitment or he could be rethinking what it would be like to be married to Hela.

Regardless, Hela and her partner, Simone, remain excellent sages in Chateau, offering helpful advice, even if their unusual eccentricities have to be dealt with.


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