A vampire with sinister motives


Gerald is a vampire and agent of unknown forces who has been drawn to CrookLake, especially Vecca Vex. What began as a simple courtship, degenerated into a sinister obsession on his part. He started by lavishing gifts and attention on Vecca but when it became apparent that he wanted her as something more – seemingly his undead vampire bride, Vecca had serious and violent reservations. When asked where he was from, he admitted that he was from an unknown area called ‘The Tombs.’ If that wasn’t a dead (or undead) giveaway . . .

While in Dragonspire Gerald attacked the group and it took the combined efforts of Hoo, Yarmilla, Balthazar, Thoven and Vecca to fend him off.

His suave charm and darkly attractive features make him a predator of great danger and it is widely suspected he is responsible for the disappearance of Babette, Vecca’s friend from the Velvet Corset.

His current whereabouts are unknown but seems to have sworn revenge on the group. It is also unclear whether or not he has a network of allies or if he is a sole operator. But he seems to continue to have an obsession with Vecca and an anger towards the rest of the party for handing him a stinging defeat.

When an invitation came to the adventurers requesting their presence at Gerald’s castle a few hours travel from Meadflow, the characters made their way through the haunted, rolling moors. Upon arriving, Gerald had laid a trap involving Vecca’s friend, Babbette (who was dressed as Vecca) as well as a small collection of powerful vampires.

Whereas the heroes managed to defeat and destroy Gerald and most of his vampire underlings, Vecca was saddened to take a part in Babbette’s death.


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