Francoise, Duke of CrookLake

The Duke of CrookLake.


The Duke’s full title is His Grace, Francoise, Duke of CrookLake, Senechal of Westmere, on Behalf and in Stead of His Majesty the Emperor, but obviously, it is much easier to simply refer to him as ‘The Duke.’

While he is the Duke of CrookLake, he makes his residence in the fine town of Chateau, a much more scenic and quiet location where he can engage in all of his simple pleasures. A younger man, the Duke has interests in hunting, fishing and other pleasures, as well as the leisure of courtly affairs. Currently, the Duke is searching for a suitable wife but seems to have a deep interest in ‘exploring his options.’

The Duke despises direct confrontation, using his influence, power and reputation to do his talking. When confrontation is needed, he prefers to look away, engaging in some other activity, while one of his subordinates is relegated to the task of delivering bad news, angry words or orders unpleasant.

He has been somewhat friendly with members of the adventuring party, specifically Hoo and Vecca Vex. This friendliness is partly due to the fact that the adventuring party was able to save the Duke and Baron Gray from the events that transpired during an ill fated hunting trip. However, the Duke’s relationship has been strained ever since it was suspected that Thoven Shadowhand may have stolen a piece of property from the Duke, an ancient diadem, once owned by the mysterious Valarian sorceress, Lady Firebaugh. The adventuring party, rather than see Thoven executed for this transaction have agreed to help return it and get back into the Duke’s good graces.

Francoise, Duke of CrookLake

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