Edmund Duchant

A furniture merchant with an eye for beauty.


As a member of the powerful Duchant Trading Company, specializing in high end furniture, Edmund is wealthy patron of the arts and has been an admirer of Vecca Vex for several years, showering her with gifts when he comes across her. His charm and influence is not something that has gone unnoticed by the talented bard.

It is presumed that Edmund will eventually take over the family business even though he has several siblings that will be disappointed when they are informed they will be mere employees, as opposed to full decision makers, but that is the way of a family business.

He has proven to be a useful and worthwhile ally as he has leveraged his influence to pave the way for more than one of the adventuring party’s endeavors. The fact that he has been especially kind to Ghost has not been lost on Vecca.

Edmund Duchant

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