Serpentine Sorcerer


Yarmilla is the youngest of the five children of Ajos. She grew up in a family of merchants and warriors, and never seemed to fit in. At the age of 12, she created her own Pony out of thin air. After a number of other “creatures” running around (Rats in the Pantry, Poisonous Frogs by the Pond….) her parents felt they needed some help and called upon a few discreet individuals to figure out what was going on. They determined she had Spell Casting ability, and for someone so young, they suggested she either go to the academy, or they hire a private tutor for her. The family, decided to hire a local (Serpentine) Sorcerer named Cheuth. She learned how to harness some of her powers, and control how the magic was flowing through her veins. He found that she was very good at Summoning creatures, and he did his best to help her out.

Due to the limited spells he had, the summonings were usually of Reptilian nature, and Yarmilla’s castings did follow that line as well. Cheuth brought her to a Summoner to help learn how to summon an Eidolon. Not surprisingly, she tended toward summoning a Serpentine form. The Eidolon was tougher than normal, and she started training with it. A few other young Summoners trained by challenging each other in a sort of “Fight Club” (but we don’t like to talk about that). Yarmilla was capable enough to start defeating a few more powerful Summoners at times.

Her powers grew in the next few years, but her family wanted her to learn some of the family business as well. She continued learning her craft though, but was getting cocky with it at times. A recent conjuration caused several spiders to appear at a dinner party, and caused some embarrassment to her father. Ajos decided that there was only one solution, send her away from Ironspike before the family name is truly ruined. He sent her to Crookelake to spend time with one of her older brothers, Eckhart. Eckhart, a Cavalier running the family business there would not let her get away with much, and if she did try it, it wouldn’t be around the Imperial Court functions that Ironspike is privy to at times.


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