Burselon, King of the Valarians

A mythical king. Who was kind of a dick.


Burselon was, according to Vecca Vex, a mythical king of the Valarian people. It is said that he was in a perpetual state of sleep, even to the present day. He awoke once a year to decide important matters and issue important decrees.

When the adventuring party went through The Nexus and found themselves in Terminus, the ancient Valarian city, they found they were in a time thousands of years ago. While here, the party met Burselon, when he was still Captain Burselon. They discovered he was harsh, unforgiving and rather undignified in many ways, much to Vecca’s surprise.

However, Burselon’s martial prowess lived up to the legend as he charged into a fight against demonic creatures, putting them to the sword as fast as he could approach them. But his disposition towards the adventuring party seemed somewhat dismissive. It got to the point that Vecca, normally very respectful to the legend of the king, considered having Ghost bite him on general principles.

Burselon, King of the Valarians

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