An actress who may have seen her curtain call.


Babette was Vecca Vex’s best friend upon moving to CrookLake and starting work at the Velvet Corset. Babette was an actress and consort who roomed with Vecca when Vecca first arrived at the Corset. As Vecca’s popularity was rising as a playwright, Babette was often cast as Vecca’s understudy and late in starring roles.

Shortly after Vecca has her falling out with Gerald, the vampire playboy, Babette went missing. Vecca found no clues as to the whereabouts of her friends, despite a tireless search. Babette remained missing until it became clear she was with Gerald.

When an invitation came to the adventurers requesting their presence at Gerald’s castle a few hours travel from Meadflow, the characters made their way through the haunted, rolling moors. Upon arriving, Gerald had laid a trap involving Babbette (who was dressed as Vecca) as well as a small collection of powerful vampires.

Whereas the heroes managed to defeat and destroy Gerald and most of his vampire underlings, Vecca was saddened to take a part in Babbette’s death.


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