A peaceful man thrown into a dangerous world


Stats: ST:15, DX: 17, CN: 14, IN: 13, WS:17, CH: 11

HP: 93

AC: 21

CMB: 13

CMD: 30

Abilities/Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Extra Ki, Vital Strike, Great Fortitude, Evasion, Improved Evasion, Fast Movement, Maneuver Training, Slow Fall, High Jump, Versatile Improvisation, Ki Weapons, Wholeness of Body, Improved Disarm, Greater Disarm, Improved Dirty Trick, Improved Steal, Improved Unarmed Mastery, Mobility, Improved Trip, Ki Throw, Spider Step, Spring Attack

Traits: Purity of Faith (bonus on saving throws against evil outsiders), Resilient, Second Chance (can reroll failed saving throw)

Languages: Imperial Common, Dwarvish, Goblinoid

Perform: Juggling (+7)

Profession: Woodworker (+10)


As a young boy, Anonda went to live with the Monks of the Unerring Path after the death of his parents from plague. He was apprenticed to the carpentry shop. He also made friends with several of the monks in the kitchen, which allowed him to develop decent amateur abilities for baking bread.

As a young man, Anonda took vows and showed a proficiency as a martial artist, but he also showed a serious reluctance to engage in weapons training. He honed his abilities to be most effective in unarmed combat, and developed (at first in an almost comical way) the ability to use every day objects as improvised weapons.

Anonda soon was taken from the carpentry shop and given the task of Training Monk. Almost all of his 10 levels have come through intense training at the monastery, although he has ventured out more and more in past few years, particularly because he believes that the monks have become too insulated from the wider world.

The Monks of the Unerring Path live primarily in one large monastic complex somewhere to the northeast of Crook Lake before reaching the deep wilderness or the mountains. There are villages and towns not to be too far from the monastery.

The monks take their name from their fascination with (and devotion to) magnetism, and to a lesser extent, the connected phenomenon of electricity. This focus is why they would orient toward the north. From the physical phenomenon of magnetism, they developed an entire philosophy of “Lawful Good” adherence to principles of singlemindedness, devotion to law and the interconnectedness of all things.

The Order lives by Four Precepts: Chastity, Constraint, Courtesy and Curiosity.

Chastity does not equate with celibacy, as the monks and nuns of the Order do marry on occasion. Members of the Order only marry other members, however. The focus of this Precept is on fidelity in relationships of all kinds.

Constraint is similar to to a vow of poverty, but is not focused only on money. It seeks to engender a lifestyle of simplicity. Ownership of material things is not forbidden but should be tempered to needs, not wants.

Courtesy seeks to establish good relations with others through honesty and kindness. Keeping in mind the ultimate interconnectedness of all life mitigates against dishonesty, lying and mistreatment of others.

Curiosity requires open-mindedness and seeks to develop a deeper and more profound understanding of whatever task or talent a member may have. New ways of action and thinking are encouraged.

Anonda left the monastery with his superiors’ blessing because he recently experienced a disturbing sense that the world has somehow “shifted” and he took this as a sign, as did his masters, that he should go into the world and investigate. He is especially happy to do this because he very much wants to interact with people and be a source of good beyond the walls of the monastery.

He dresses simply, and does not wear a distinguishable habit. He carries no weapons, and lives a a simple life, giving excess money to the poor. He has a generally upbeat and kind demeanor, but his few forays so far have made it clear that there is evil in the world, that cannot be wished away. He tends to seek to confront adversaries without violence, and then only to defeat them – not kill them – but he is fully aware that there are things in the world that must be stopped, even if it means killing them. Should he be confronted with obvious cruelty, he is quite willing and able to deal with it efficiently.

In his travels to the south, Anonda has met one other person who seems to understand that the world has shifted. This person was an old woman who apparently had knowledge of Thoven, and of his relationship with a witch. His exploits with the other protagonists has left Anonda with a sense of confusion as to how their presence might be altering the world and his place in the unfolding mystery. He also is adjusting to the frantic and violent way in which the others interact with the world.


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