Tales of the Red Way

After risking our lives to obtain vital information required for the rescue of Koo, the group discovered they failed in their quest. Further efforts, having been found to be too difficult or unlikely to succeed, were abandoned. The final outcome of the entire escapade was to make enemies of some rather unpleasant elves.

On the heels of this debacle, Thoven Shadowhand was afflicted with a geas, requiring him to regain a diadem stolen from Francoise, Duke of CrookLake. The evidence seems to point to the previous timeline version of Thoven Shadowhand as the thief. Further evidence, or possibly just conjecture, suggested that the diadem might be found at Mt Sin. The group decided to go to Mt Sin in an effort to retrieve it. At least Anonda was under the impression that the party was traveling to Mt. Sin in order to retrieve the stolen diadem. Now it seems that the plan might be not to regain possession of the stolen item, but to steal another one as a replacement. Seriously, what kind of people are you??


Really? The Social Center of the party is the Monk, who JUST joined us. The Diplomat learned from James T Kirk (We come in peace, shoot to kill, shoot to kill), the Merchants both are willing to spill blood for a profit, the “entertainer” is almost to head of the mafia connections, the mad chemist was, well, mad and vindictive, and then after all that, we have a Thief.

It’s a good thing we don’t have a highly devout clerical type in the party that might disagree with how we do things ;-)

Prelude to Mt. Sin

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